FP7 manager : a comprehensive management tool for FP projects


France Europe Innovation offers a 3-in-1 management solution for coordinators and partners of FP (Framework Programme) collaborative projects.



  • A day-by-day solution for a simple and effective control on FP European projects


    The FP7 Manager is a custom-made solution, which automatically generates charts on key indicators of a FP project (financial expenses, man-months, deliverables, milestones...). The evolution of these indicators is assessed according to different categories: work packages, tasks, partners ... as well as in comparison to the evolutions foreseen in the Technical Annex.


    The resulting statistics are generated in the form of slides and Word or PDF files. These statistics will improve the quality of the progress reports to be provided to the European Commission as well as help in the preparation of progress meetings (Steering Committee, General Assembly ...).



  • An intranet for an effective collaboration between the partners


    FP7 manager provides project partners with :

    - a secure access to the intranet of the project (password, https certificate),

    - a user-friendly platform of document management. The platform includes many features for the storage of ongoing or completed deliverables,

    - specific modules (optional) according to the theme of the project. For instance, FEI has developed a module to download / upload data on dozens of different kinases in 6 different type of tumors, as part of the FP6 KidsCancerKinome project.



  • A website for your project


    This includes :

    - the design of the logo and the associated graphic components (for the website, the brochures, the slides ...),

    - a 100 MB hosting (expandable),

    - the creation of 25 Email accounts (expandable),

    - the possibility for the partners to update the website online,

    - a newsletters management tool,

    - a promotion plan as well as a search engine optimization plan,


    Example: The FP6 KidsCancerKinome project, coordinated by the Institut Gustave Roussy.



    Please note:


    FP7 Manager is a tool exclusively designed for the coordination of FP7 projects. As such, its use can be fully financed by the European Commission.


    France Europe Innovation can take part in your project as a project partner or subcontractor of the coordinator.




    FEI: a strong experience in administrative and financial coordination of FP projects


    Since 1999, France Europe Innovation has provided several innovative European projects (within the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme) with administrative and financial coordination. See our references.


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